Monday, December 15, 2008


Headed over to Lindas to take some feed etc over and to see my little girl. Annie looks fantastic and is obviously enjoying motherhood. Sonic..........well she just thinks that no one should be in "HER" box except her mum and makes that quite clear by her actions. And she has grown!!! true!!! she has filled and it is now not so hard for her to reach up to drink. She looks great and I am really pleased with her progress in 1 week! At this stage they will be in the box until maybe around xmas. Will see how it goes.

Sonic above and below, 10 days old.

Ummmm, those looks like Lindas hands :) Sonic really wants to be an appache horse.

It's also Vivas birthday today, she is the big 3yrs old. Hopefully will be able to get her over to Matamata this week for her operation, just need to teach her to float.

Vivas xrays showing the tumour that needs to be removed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Much Happening........................

So first up:

Confession aka Sonic was born to Annie on Thursday the 4th December. Beautiful little filly with a white star sperm marking on her head. Annie was actually carrying twins, one came out mummified thou so we just have the super Sonic. Obviously when Annie started milking 3 months ago this was the start of the aborting process of the lesser twin. Mum and bubs doing well over at Lindas, so glad she was there as I really would have missed the foaling as she showed no signs of doing it at 8.30pm that night.

So Sonic has the attitude of two!!!!! She is a very feisty little one, Linda was even evicted from the box last night. She has also been showing Kate, Lindas helper, a few a her 30cm buck moves too.

Lindas comment: she has the attitude of about 6. It is like Dr Evils Mini Me holding you up in an alley.... whatever.

Second Up:
Goldie the Chinese Gold gelding has gone back to where I brought him from. He had a few issues that were undisclosed in the sale and things I was not prepared to sort out.

Third Up:
Viva was x-rayed by Matamata Equine Vets yesterday. She has had some swelling around her near front knee for about 3 weeks and it has not gone down at all, was hoping it was just a knock. Given she does not have the best conformation, was time to x-ray.

Matamata have this flash new digital machine so when the x-ray is taken, it downloads straight away onto computer screen so you can see it.

Funa, the vet, was stumped as she had never seen anything like it before. I had to wait for answers as she had to go back to the surgery and get opinions on what was found on the x-ray.

So Viva has now been diagnosed with "Osteochondroma", which is a benign tumor at the back of her knee where all the tendons etc run. It is treatable with an operation, SO, will be working on getting Viva floating this week so she can go over asap. I am really glad it is treatable as I was actually starting to think the worst.

All I need now is to find that money tree!!!!!!

So yeah, a busy time for me lately. I have also just advertised Luigi for sale. A bit of a shame as he is growing by the day and looks fantastic. Just need to free up some $$$ for the bills that I am expecting in the new year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Very Interesting Reading...............

I found whilst surfing the net. I am behind them 100%

If you are interested in joining the new NZ Sport Horse Promotion Board Inc, please email A meeting will be organized once we sort out a suitable location and venue accessible to most breeders.

Also a few pics of the boys from the weekend. Finally got the stables finished. Just now wish all the birds that are nesting in there would stop shitting everywhere!

Goldie on the lunge, we had already done our session but camera was in the car hence a quick shot once we got back.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Annie, I'm sure shes getting bigger.....well hope so

Once again Annie has started dripping milk, so NOT ideal! She is due on the 18th December so am a little concerned she will be loosing all her colostrum. I am taking here over to Lindas tomorrow where she will be under a great watch and Linda has all the necessities at hand should something arise. I really think she will be ok, just a maiden hormone thing.

Boxer also got his nutz out a couple of weeks ago (3rd Nov). Now it was the first time I had seen it done and holy shit.............the noise when they clamp them, makes ya cross your legs!!
Anyway all went well and he is now a gelding, he came in yesterday for some handling and was a little weary at first but was back to himself pretty soon. The gelding process.......................well the waking up part.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Goldie, 16hh, 5 yr old, TB Gelding by Chinese Gold. Can say I have never heard of the sire before, but he did produce a few before he passed in 2005.

So Goldie, he has never trailed or raced. I can't find his details in the TB studbook so don't even think he is a registered TB. Went and looked at him yesterday, thankfully I took the float with me as after him being showen to me for about 10mins, decided he was coming home.

He is a big solid boy and a lovely saddle hunter type. He is very green but has a neat attitude so hopefully he will be good to work with. He was faced with several jumps yestersday, ones he had never seen before and popped over then happily. So is this my all rounder, heres hoping!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boxer.....2nd Nov 2008

Look mum, theres a white wooley's called a sheep Boxer! Boxer and Luigi, chilling.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well has been an interesting few weeks in regards to Luigi. On arrival he was riddled with lice and worms. So after a couple of baths and some yummy Equitak Excel, he is starting to look alot better. Helps that we have grass also.

So we have had a few differences in the last few weeks, him wanting to do one thing and me wanting him to do another. So for the first time ever, donned the leather gloves and a looong lead to keep a hold of him and after several disagreements he has started to see my way of things and the last couple of nights I have seen an improvement. Yay, always good to get headway.

Boxer is booked to have his nuts out on Monday, hopefully it stays fine this time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First and foremost................

Big hugs to Louise Wilsden who lost her fabulous Clydie mare Debi yesterday, my thoughts are with you and yours Lou, take care.

Well was a big weekend, after much deliberation, I decided that Lofty just wasn't the horse for me. I have learned alot in the short time I had him but was finding that all his buttons was a bit too much for me, I am not the DQ I thought I was:)

I also have been thinking for a while that dressage is not just what I want to do and Lofty is not much of a hacker and he does not jump, at all! and does not like showing with all the horses up his butt. I need an allrounder that I can take out hacking on the farm and have some fun with!!!

So Lofty went to his new home on Saturday, Debra Cowen (Hamilton) has taken over the reins of the big boy and I wish them all the best in the future. Deb has ridden Open Medium and when riding him had him humming, she knows all the buttons :) I couldn't have hoped for a better home. (She does need a bigger float now thou).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Annie Back On Track.............

Well after a stressful couple of weeks in regards to Annie, I can now say I am quite confident that she is still in foal. The vet thought that she may had been aborting as she bagged up about 1 month ago and lost alot of milk over in that time. Her udder has now gone down and she has stopped leaking, YAY so hopefully building up colostrim again. Annie will be heading over to Lindas for foaling in about 1 month.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Horse With No Name...................

Still sorting names out as to what best suits him. Rising 2 year old by Littorio, arrived 10 October 2008. Edited to add his paddock name is now Luigi, Rupert didn't really suit him.
Boxers new hair cut, and yes it was with the scissors:)

Monday, October 6, 2008


How quickly they change, Feburary 2008...
October 2008........and losses his manhood next week, 13th October 2008.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rotorua SJ..........

was held this weekend so had the pleasure of hosting Lynda, David and Bowie. Huge congrats to David and Bowie who had their third GP start. Out of 28 horses Bowie came 7th with one rail down and seconds behind 6th place. So great weekend for all involved. Had a few drinks and dinner on Saturday night and shared a few laughs (that David is one cheeky shit)!! I don't know how Lynda copes:) Check out Bowie at Next weekend is TeTeko (Texas) so watch this space.

Took a couple of photos of the boy in the 7 year old class, wasn't really standing in the ideal spot though. One fantasicly turned out pony.

Bowie with him blankie.......................such a dude.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Horse Day Today.........

Brought Annie in today for a grooming session. She is looking good, big belly and "oh my" her tits are getting bigger. She is such a lovely mare to do anything with, and just loves human company. Hopefully 3 months till the day and she will be foaling a new addition to the family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Years Today......

I lost my best mate, Master Flynn to colic. A day never goes my without thinking about him. He was truly one in a million. Such a great horse lost far to young. If only I could have cloned him I would be truly happy! He is buried in my paddock and pass by him everyday, so glad he was buried at home.

The day I brought Flynn 9 Sep 05, think I felt a tad sorry for him. He looked alot worse than the photos show. He turned out to be such a great horse. Amazing what a bit of feed and loving can do:)
Putaruru A&P show 26 Feb 06, 5 months later. Champion in hand and well placed in Saddle Hunter Classes. The judge made the comment that he had huge potential and looked forward to seeing us the following year, we never made it.

Flynn at Rotorua A&P Jan 06, 4 months later, our first ever A&P show.

Day I felt sorry for the boy and brought him home, he tried his heart out even thou he was in bad condition. Photo doesn't show it but he had a huge rub where the saddle was rubbing on his wither along with lice all over.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Boxers First Tying Up Lesson......

Well was a lovely weekend, got a bit done with the girls and rode Lofty. He is just getting better and better. He is getting about 25mins a day as he was out of work when I got him so just working on getting his fitness up.

Won't post photos of the girls as I took to their manes. Little Lucy has a double mane, goes over both sides, so attacked it with the scissors:) Lucky she is just a paddock ornament.

Annie is getting bigger by the day, she will come into the foaling paddock soon so she can pick her spot. Can't wait!! She is due December. Conbrio has his first foal on the ground and he is stunning, black with white kind of star and 2 socks and is a real character by the sounds of things. Conbrio is standing publicly this year, check him out

Boxers first time in the yard with tying up. Such a good boy, he loooves to be brushed. No issues at all!! Currently standing at 13.3hh at the wither and 14hh behind. He is rising 10 months so should hopefully get somewhere around 16.2hh.

Coal finding a way to eat, what lonnnggg legs, ohh so cute. Conbrios first on the ground.

Coal with his mum, Wolke (Worldwide x Dynacast (Dynamit x Genius).