Monday, December 15, 2008


Headed over to Lindas to take some feed etc over and to see my little girl. Annie looks fantastic and is obviously enjoying motherhood. Sonic..........well she just thinks that no one should be in "HER" box except her mum and makes that quite clear by her actions. And she has grown!!! true!!! she has filled and it is now not so hard for her to reach up to drink. She looks great and I am really pleased with her progress in 1 week! At this stage they will be in the box until maybe around xmas. Will see how it goes.

Sonic above and below, 10 days old.

Ummmm, those looks like Lindas hands :) Sonic really wants to be an appache horse.

It's also Vivas birthday today, she is the big 3yrs old. Hopefully will be able to get her over to Matamata this week for her operation, just need to teach her to float.

Vivas xrays showing the tumour that needs to be removed.

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