Monday, September 29, 2008

Rotorua SJ..........

was held this weekend so had the pleasure of hosting Lynda, David and Bowie. Huge congrats to David and Bowie who had their third GP start. Out of 28 horses Bowie came 7th with one rail down and seconds behind 6th place. So great weekend for all involved. Had a few drinks and dinner on Saturday night and shared a few laughs (that David is one cheeky shit)!! I don't know how Lynda copes:) Check out Bowie at Next weekend is TeTeko (Texas) so watch this space.

Took a couple of photos of the boy in the 7 year old class, wasn't really standing in the ideal spot though. One fantasicly turned out pony.

Bowie with him blankie.......................such a dude.

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