Sunday, July 27, 2008

It Fits...........

Yay finally got to try my new Kieffer saddle out on Lofty today and fits him well, knew it pretty much would as had used Hielkes for a while before winter. Gave him a little play on the arena and of course he just went around on auto pilot. Sounds like will are in for some more bad weather this week so will hopefully get in a few days of work with him.

Lofty with his previous owner, at this stage I still have no riding photos of me on him.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Back

Have just spent a lovely week in Norfolk Island with Michelle my sister, had a fab time and would recommend the Island to anyone. Unfortunately got on the scales this morning and shows that I enjoyed the wine and food too much so looks like it will be back to walking and the exercise bike.
A big Thank You to Kim who looked after my ponies whilst I was away. Poor Kim had to feed out in all the shit weather we had last week while I was soaking up all the rays of sunshine.
The mud has sucked Lofty's front shoes off so Ron is coming tomorrow to reshoe him and then we are back into it. Sounds like the weather is not going to be great this weekend either but need to make a start for the coming season.

Girls taking a sleep yesterday under the watchful eye of their mate.

Boxer sporting his new cover just in time for the horrid weekend weather that is coming. Thanks to Kerry for braving the resent sales down South for it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photos needed Ang!!

Little fatty Lucy, the star babysitter.
Maybe a better shot of Boxer.
Viva, Pico Bello x Voltaire II. My first baby.

Annie and Conbrio, they got pretty giggy with it after the photos hence foal due December.

Riz, middle of winter and look at that coat!!

Boxer, a little worse for wear after his branding session. Was a complete angel for the vet.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yay, think I have sussed it out....

Well just like everyone else, time for me to do a blog. Should be interesting to look back on over the next year and see what progress I have made.

So who am I.....well I ride dressage and compete in A&P showing. Hopefully will get back into jumping someday.

I currently have 6 horses

  • Greensdown Reno, Medium dressage horse, lovely 17hh TB Gelding by Kingdom Bay. I brought Lofty on the 14th May 2008 as a schoolmaster to help me move ahead in my riding. What a lovely birthday present for me. Lofty started his career with Andrea Raves from Wellington.

  • PicoViva - Rising 3yr old by Pico Bello out of a Voltaire II mare (Vivacious SL). Will look at starting her this summer. Lovely girl with a fantastic temperament.

  • Annie, a 16.1hh mare by Anziyan. I brought Annie as a riding prospect sight unseen in Oct 2007. She arrived with shocking hoofs so decided to put her into foal in the meantime. She is in foal to Conbrio (Contucci x Anamour) and is due in December 2008.

  • Riz, Risky Business is by Wholer II out of a TB mare, 15yrs, 16hh. This mare has had a very hard life. Was doing extremely well in dressage until she went down a tomo and got badly hurt and is now unridable. She has had two foals to date and will look at putting her to Conbrio this year. Riz arrived in July 2008.

  • Lucy, our little Kaimanawa. We got Lucy in the 2004 muster and is a stunning jet black mare standing around 13.2hh. She is around 7-8 years and actually had a foal on her at the muster yards that we did not know about, her foal had been allocated so hope it is doing well. Lucy is a great paddock mate for my youngsters. She is 95% broken in but as we have no rider for her she is a great paddock mate at this stage.

  • Allamour aka Boxer, born on Boxing Day 2007, Anamour x Jamie (Ramazes II x St James Stationbred). Awesome boy and a real delight to handle. He is grey with 4 while socks and a half star of to one side of his head, not sure what happened to the rest of it, looks unusal but I am used to it now, thankfully won't be so noticable as he gets older.

So there they are, hope to be able to post with some exciting times for Lofty and me in the near future.