Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update on the crew....................

Well need to start blogging more so I can keep an eye on my own progress.

Annie: Has gone out on lease this season and will be back next year.

Sonic: Has gone to her new home. I just happened to be talking to a friend one night and we were discussing what Sonics future would be. Pretty sure she is going to be a pony so really no use to me. She has gone to a wonderful family with two young girls to eventually be their pony star. She settled in well and is running with 2 other yearlings so has some company of her own size.

Luigi: Is currently away being started. Have had excellent reports back so far so I am very excited to see how he is under saddle. I have someone very interested in him once and if he comes back, would love to see him eventing but this would be purely a dressage home. There seem to be quite a few professional dressage riders with Littorio's in their stables so fingers xd that I can sell him to someone that will do well with him.

Boxer: Is chilling out getting bigger by the day. He is officially 2 now (26 Dec 07 foaling date) and would be close to 16.1hh at the rear and 15.3hh in the front. Hopefully he will not get any bigger than 17hh. I wish he was 4 now but then that would make me 2 years older so will just have to wait and be patient;)

Tara: Has gone to the SI to be bred to Corofino II. At this stage she is on lease so may come back. They are extremely happy with her so will wait and see.

Lucy: Is hanging out with Viva.

Viva: Is hanging out with Lucy. She is 4 this year and may look at starting her very soon. Can only but try and see if she stands up to the work or not. Her full brother is doing extremely well in both S/J and was placed in the YEH in Taupo earlier this year.

Devon: Well Dev!! Has recovered from his shoulder injury and is back under saddle. He has come back very fresh and full of life, sometimes too much life! He had some work done on him last week including acupuncture as he is not using his back end very well (except for the bucking) so hopefully we are on the right path and we can get him stretching over his back better and using those muscles. He works really well when he is not getting distracted, something we are working on, no point in taking him out if he can't walk, trot and canter around a dressage arena.
Next show here isn't until November so will take him down to some club days in the meantime for some outings.

So down to 4 ponies in the paddocks, makes life a hell of a lot easier actually and better on the pocket. I was thinking of joining an addiction group but think I can do it alone and just have to say NO when I am tempted:)