Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Very Interesting Reading...............

I found whilst surfing the net. I am behind them 100% http://www.main-events.com/Pedigrees/LetterToEditorHP.pdf

If you are interested in joining the new NZ Sport Horse Promotion Board Inc, please email
nzshregister@main-events.co.nz. A meeting will be organized once we sort out a suitable location and venue accessible to most breeders.

Also a few pics of the boys from the weekend. Finally got the stables finished. Just now wish all the birds that are nesting in there would stop shitting everywhere!

Goldie on the lunge, we had already done our session but camera was in the car hence a quick shot once we got back.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Annie, I'm sure shes getting bigger.....well hope so

Once again Annie has started dripping milk, so NOT ideal! She is due on the 18th December so am a little concerned she will be loosing all her colostrum. I am taking here over to Lindas tomorrow where she will be under a great watch and Linda has all the necessities at hand should something arise. I really think she will be ok, just a maiden hormone thing.

Boxer also got his nutz out a couple of weeks ago (3rd Nov). Now it was the first time I had seen it done and holy shit.............the noise when they clamp them, makes ya cross your legs!!
Anyway all went well and he is now a gelding, he came in yesterday for some handling and was a little weary at first but was back to himself pretty soon. The gelding process.......................well the waking up part.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Goldie, 16hh, 5 yr old, TB Gelding by Chinese Gold. Can say I have never heard of the sire before, but he did produce a few before he passed in 2005.

So Goldie, he has never trailed or raced. I can't find his details in the TB studbook so don't even think he is a registered TB. Went and looked at him yesterday, thankfully I took the float with me as after him being showen to me for about 10mins, decided he was coming home.

He is a big solid boy and a lovely saddle hunter type. He is very green but has a neat attitude so hopefully he will be good to work with. He was faced with several jumps yestersday, ones he had never seen before and popped over then happily. So is this my all rounder, heres hoping!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boxer.....2nd Nov 2008

Look mum, theres a white wooley thing....................it's called a sheep Boxer! Boxer and Luigi, chilling.