Sunday, November 16, 2008


Goldie, 16hh, 5 yr old, TB Gelding by Chinese Gold. Can say I have never heard of the sire before, but he did produce a few before he passed in 2005.

So Goldie, he has never trailed or raced. I can't find his details in the TB studbook so don't even think he is a registered TB. Went and looked at him yesterday, thankfully I took the float with me as after him being showen to me for about 10mins, decided he was coming home.

He is a big solid boy and a lovely saddle hunter type. He is very green but has a neat attitude so hopefully he will be good to work with. He was faced with several jumps yestersday, ones he had never seen before and popped over then happily. So is this my all rounder, heres hoping!

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