Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well has been an interesting few weeks in regards to Luigi. On arrival he was riddled with lice and worms. So after a couple of baths and some yummy Equitak Excel, he is starting to look alot better. Helps that we have grass also.

So we have had a few differences in the last few weeks, him wanting to do one thing and me wanting him to do another. So for the first time ever, donned the leather gloves and a looong lead to keep a hold of him and after several disagreements he has started to see my way of things and the last couple of nights I have seen an improvement. Yay, always good to get headway.

Boxer is booked to have his nuts out on Monday, hopefully it stays fine this time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First and foremost................

Big hugs to Louise Wilsden who lost her fabulous Clydie mare Debi yesterday, my thoughts are with you and yours Lou, take care.

Well was a big weekend, after much deliberation, I decided that Lofty just wasn't the horse for me. I have learned alot in the short time I had him but was finding that all his buttons was a bit too much for me, I am not the DQ I thought I was:)

I also have been thinking for a while that dressage is not just what I want to do and Lofty is not much of a hacker and he does not jump, at all! and does not like showing with all the horses up his butt. I need an allrounder that I can take out hacking on the farm and have some fun with!!!

So Lofty went to his new home on Saturday, Debra Cowen (Hamilton) has taken over the reins of the big boy and I wish them all the best in the future. Deb has ridden Open Medium and when riding him had him humming, she knows all the buttons :) I couldn't have hoped for a better home. (She does need a bigger float now thou).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Annie Back On Track.............

Well after a stressful couple of weeks in regards to Annie, I can now say I am quite confident that she is still in foal. The vet thought that she may had been aborting as she bagged up about 1 month ago and lost alot of milk over in that time. Her udder has now gone down and she has stopped leaking, YAY so hopefully building up colostrim again. Annie will be heading over to Lindas for foaling in about 1 month.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Horse With No Name...................

Still sorting names out as to what best suits him. Rising 2 year old by Littorio, arrived 10 October 2008. Edited to add his paddock name is now Luigi, Rupert didn't really suit him.
Boxers new hair cut, and yes it was with the scissors:)

Monday, October 6, 2008


How quickly they change, Feburary 2008...
October 2008........and losses his manhood next week, 13th October 2008.