Monday, November 17, 2008

Annie, I'm sure shes getting bigger.....well hope so

Once again Annie has started dripping milk, so NOT ideal! She is due on the 18th December so am a little concerned she will be loosing all her colostrum. I am taking here over to Lindas tomorrow where she will be under a great watch and Linda has all the necessities at hand should something arise. I really think she will be ok, just a maiden hormone thing.

Boxer also got his nutz out a couple of weeks ago (3rd Nov). Now it was the first time I had seen it done and holy shit.............the noise when they clamp them, makes ya cross your legs!!
Anyway all went well and he is now a gelding, he came in yesterday for some handling and was a little weary at first but was back to himself pretty soon. The gelding process.......................well the waking up part.

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