Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What A Couple Of Weeks........

Well as a lot of you know my paddock companions ran away last week and were missing for 4 days. After lots and lots of searching, stressing and crying I found them on a farm about 2 kms away. They are alot worse for wear and Bob has no sight at the mo and Coco has also lost vision in one eye. They have very bad burns on their feet and tummys from something very caustic. We just don't know what. Coco spent the night at the vets on Monday has she was very dehydrated. They are quite happy otherwise thou and I am just so wrapped to have them home.
Also found out last week that Boxers mum Jamie passed away from a massive heart attach on Wednesday 20th August. She was such a lovely girl and was only 9 years old. RIP big girl.
Jamie and Boxer ealier this year.

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