Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Well guess that's winter. It's been so wet this year, as is everyone else I'm waiting for some good sunshine hours.
Have ridden Lofty only twice since getting new shoes on him (Thanks Ron). You would have thought that he was in full work over winter and has been ridden everyday. What a boy!!
We have a couple of issues to sort out but I am really hoping we can do it, time will tell, but even in the two rides we have had I am confident that he will improve. Maybe a case of too much pressure in his previous training.
He has sooo many buttons and figuring them all out will also be a time thing for us both. He has mostly been schooled very well and I really enjoy riding him. His rein back is very impressive along with shoulder-in, travers, leg yielding so can't complain too much.

I have Annie on the market, hard decision to make but if she does not sell I am not to worried as she is an awesome mare and getting bigger by the day. Would really love to see what she produces.

Boxer has now learnt to WAIT for his dinner at night, we had a bit of a fight at first but he now respects my space and waits by his tyre for it. He is looking great, a bit of a hairy mammoth so roll on summer. I hope to do some inhand with him this year. He thinks the float is very cool too, walks in by himself and hangs out there.

I tried to get Viva on the float the other day but as I had a crook back decided it probably wasn't the best time to do it. Something we will be working on very soon. She is such a plonker, nothing much fazes that girl I tell ya!

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