Monday, April 20, 2009

An Update..................

Well haven't blogged for a while so thought I should make an entry.

So.........took Devon to our first outing on the 29th March, a closed dressage day here in Rotorua. Had a fantastic day and I couldn't have asked for more considering I hadn't ridden him much prior to the outing but wanted to see what his reaction would be like out. He did not disapoint. Confidence restored 95%.

Next was to be an open dressage day on the 5th May. Unforunately it was not to be.
I had the vet out to Devon on 31st March as was hopping lame as on 3 legs. Vet suspected nerve/muscle damage to the shoulder as this was the only place he had a slight mark, fence or kick by the looks of things.

Was told to wait 3 weeks to see if there was any improvement. Not happy at how he was getting around I booked him in at Matamata Vet Services to see what they could find.

Three lots of nerve blocks were carried out first to confirm it was not down lower. All failed and was still very lame. Time was getting on so Fauna asked if he could stay overnight so they could scan and xray.

5mins away from home I got the call, Devon's xrays had come back with a fractured scapula spine.

Headed back over on Thursay to pick him up. Looked over xrays and scans with Sam, great vet.

So back home now, he is in confinment for the next 6 weeks and then back over to Matamata to check and see if it has started to fuse.

I have been told to expect some muscle wastage as could be expected but if it suddenly looks bad I am to contact them asap.

Spoke to Sam in regards to having an operation should it not fuse, will have to wait and see on that count as a very large nerve runs over the area and they do not recommend op.

I am guttered to say the least, finally found a nice horse to enjoy and have some fun with and this kind of thing happens.

Am doing my best for him though and hope that he recovers so I can enjoy him again.

Devon sporting his new clip

Sonic and Linda having a catch up

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