Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TAURANGA DRESSAGE - Day Two Of Three Day Series

11th July 2010, second day of the dressage at Tauranga.

The morning did not start well at all, flat battery in ute, got float stuck, horse hooning around paddock, sisters horse escapes and can't catch it, terrible accident on back road to Tauranga involving the girl that is currently leading the series, everyone ok thankfully but their ute written off, slipped on ice, late for yeah, not a good start to the day.

1st test I thought was actually ok, judge did not think so and I got slammed 52.31%, second test I thought was not flash at all, had some really nice comments and a score of 58% for fourth so pleased.

Had 9 in our class this time so was an ok effort. I am still struggling with Dev being in front of the leg but are doing a few things to hopefully get more out of him and more on the aids. Fingers xd.

Final day is on the 8th August, we are currently coming second for the series along with two others so need to really make this day count and hopefully we can come home with either Champion or Reserve :)

Crew Update:
Well Luigi sold a couple of months ago, he has gone down to the SI and his new owner Louise (SJer) is stoked with him. She has had him all over the farm, at the sea, road riding with no probs at all. Can't wait to see some pics. He will be campaigned lightly over the next season.

Viva, Lucy and Boxer are hanging out together over the 40acres. They roam at their leisure and think this is great especially for Boxer who has lots of hills to play on.

Annie is at Lindas, Linda said she is looking very big so really excited to see her foal!! Hopefully there are no complications like last time, so far things are looking good though.

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