Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well Viva came through her operation with flying colours. I am wrapped with the outcome, the tumour was alot bigger than the vets had thought and had to be taken out in two pieces. Her bandaging is now off and the scarring is minimal. Huge thanks to Matamata Equine Hospital who did the operation and took care of her very well. She was so happy to see me but still had issues with going on the float. Will have to sort that out when she is 100% again which will not be too far away. She still has a little swelling but will go down over the next couple of months.
I went and saw the Super Sonic a couple of weeks ago. I am wrapped at her progress. She is just such a pretty wee girl. She has such a huge fan club alreadyLinda is now in the process of breeding Annie to Airthey Highlander so will be exciting to see the foal from that breeding. A huge thank you to Linda for all her care and love for Sonic and Annie. You are a gem Linda.

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